Wooly’s Trip, and Happy PAM

Oh my goodness. Firstly, today, we finally located paper towel at the Wooly’s (aka Woolworth’s) across from the hospital. Praise!!! I seriously did not know how great that stuff is until we just went all weekend/Monday without it.

On a more interesting note for all you readers, as I am sure you would suspect, most of the brands down here in Tassie are a little different than home. Imagine my surprise at Wooly’s today, as we discovered the Jamie Oliver products! So it was good old Jamie Oliver Pesto, with chicken and pasta for supper. It was extra-delicious with some sheep’s milk White Pearl cheese made right here on top. We also picked up some Jamie Oliver burgers to have tomorrow night, which should hopefully be fab.

I spent my second day today in the world of mental health, and it was again very interesting. We even had a lovely visit from the adorable therapy dog, who has his own little name badge to boot! It is certainly taking some time to adjust to all the drug names being different, as well as the workflow. The clinical PhCs here are responsible for dispensing discharge prescriptions for the patients, which eliminates the need for the patient to immediately have to go to their community pharmacy to have a discharge script filled. This consequently creates some great opportunities for discharge counselling. Tomorrow I am off to Alcohol and Drug Services, and I understand they have a multidisciplinary team there which focuses on stability prior to returning home in the community. I am really excited to see how this is different from the NL model, where often it seems there is more of a focus on pharmacotherapy alone, and less access to other services for a comprehensive approach to Addictions Services.

In other news, we had fish and chips last night to celebrate our first day, at Mako Fresh Fish in North Hobart. I had flake, which is kind of similar to cod, but a little denser. Interestingly enough, they also had “market fresh” Atlantic Salmon on offer! I couldn’t help but ask where in the name of goodness that came from, because we are currently in the Pacific Ocean after all. Apparently, they are farming Norweigan Salmon off the East Coast of Tasmania. Now, isn’t that something?

Anyways, here i flake and chips, and I am off to study for tomorrow. Night all!

Ps. To all my Canadian friends, Happy Pharmacist Awareness Month! I challenge you to get out and chat with your Pharmacist this month to see what they can do for you 🙂

Flake and Chips
Flake and Chips

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