The Relief of the Internet Drought

I cannot possibly describe how incredibly excited I was to be able to FaceTime again this evening. It was worth every second of the three hour wanting to pull my hair out session involved.

On the advice of the amazing folks at the hospital, we ventured to Optus today after work to see about getting some extra data. I almost hugged the guy there when he explained that for a nominal fee we could buy Australian SIM cards to replace our existing SIM cards, and have a virtual boatload of data which we could then top up prn. He failed to mention having to call good old Bell to unlock our phones in order to use said SIM card.

Have you ever tried to call a number outside of long distance to Canada or the US? Do you know how many codes go in front of an innocent phone number just to make it go International? Yeah. It’s a lot, and surprisingly difficult to figure out!

Anyways, after getting transferred around at Bell, I was finally able to get my phone unlocked, and start using my new SIM card. It even came with a new cell #. I feel like James Bond or something with two separate phone numbers!


In other news, I took a few pictures today of the renovations they’re doing at the hospital, because I knew a few of you (ie Dad), would probably love to see it. They’ve built these pre-fab pods off site, and actually brought them all in and assembled/welded them since Monday, over what used to be the main front entrance of the hospital. Over the course of the coming months, they will move a ward or two at a time into the temporary pods, then renovate that ward space completely, and finally move it back into the new space. I just thought that was pretty incredible. It will allow the hospital to function almost completely normally, while getting a complete update!

I had my last day in psych today, and am off to Infectious Disease tomorrow. Today I experienced what a difference a good counselling environment can make, and I have to say, counselling rooms are truly for the win. It just honestly makes such a difference towards being more of a discussion, than a talking at when everyone is all sitting around together, instead of standing, separated by a counter. It was one of the first times I could appreciate such a profound difference, and thought it was worth commenting on 🙂

Night all!



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