Infectious Disease Day

No pictures today, sorry! Hopefully tomorrow, as we are starting a busy social weekend after work today. 

On the agenda for this evening, we are going out to the Fluke and Bruce with the crowd from the hospital for drinks and nibbles. It should be fun, and we are also hoping to meet the exchange students who are coming to NL this summer. 

Today I spent some time with the ID service, and wow, what a day! When I met up with my preceptor this morning, the first thing he asked was if I had had a good breakfast before rounds. I am glad I did, because we had a very busy morning! We rounded with the ID consultant and the rest of the team, as bedside rounds, which was extra interesting, because I actually got to meet each patient. Since the ID team works as a consulting service, they had patients in every nook and corner of the hospital, so I think I must have had my 10 000 steps in before we stopped for coffee! Many of the strategies for drug therapy seem to be similar to home, but I also got to learn some more about the bigger guns-linezolid and the carbapenems and see many new bacteria. My preceptor also explained antifungals in a way such that I finally understand the difference between using echinocandins vs. using systemic azoles. We also discussed the metabolism of anidulafungin, which I’m not sure we use back home, but apparently metabolizes itself at normal blood pH, eliminating the need to dosage adjust in renal or hepatic impairment which I thought was really cool. 

Coffee involved a flat white and a brownie with raspberries, at Pilgram Coffee, which reminded me of Rocket Bakery a bit! The flat white was as predicted, way better than Starbucks 🙂 I think they just call them white coffees, if so, I shall be adjusting my lingo in the near future. 

That’s all for now! 



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