Weekend Adventures

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, we sure did!

As I mentioned, Friday evening after work we ventured to the Fluke and Bruce for after work drinks and nibbles. It actually turned out to be lots of fun, as we got to chat some more to everyone in the department, particularly the interns who are all our age.

Here’s a picture of some of the nibbles:

Fluke and Bruce Nibbles

We had chicken tenders, chips, two types of pizza, and calamari! Complete with some Milton Pinot Gris, which is made right here in Tassie.

Saturday brought a gorgeous day, I think it must have been around 30 degrees, and I started my day with a 4 km run around Hobart. It was like Mount Wellington was wishing me Happy Saturday!

Good morning Mount Wellington!

Afterwards, Chelsea and I went in search of a beach to get a little colour before our barbie. You’ll already know what a bust that was if you read her post! “Cornelian Bay Beach” as it is labelled, is false advertising at its finest. It was more mud and seaweed than sand, and the water had posted warnings not to swim due to pollution. Yeah. However, that being said, there was a lovely playground, takeaway kiosk and picnic tables, so we decided to make the best of it by sitting out at a picnic table and getting some takeaway. I had a ham, cheese and tomato toastie.



We ventured to our first barbie last night with the interns, for a preceptor’s birthday. It was really fun, and we made some more new friends! The interns have been really welcoming, and we were befriended by one of the med residents. There was a “tossed salad” with romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, some kind of cheese, and avocado. Must make that soon!

Today I went out for breakfast with my new resident friend at Raincheck in North Hobart, which was delicious. EVERYTHING HERE IS SO GOOD. I had potato hash, with bacon and an egg. I seriously wish I had taken a picture, because it looks nothing like what you are currently picturing. The potato hash, was actually a sizeable shredded hashbrown shaped like an ice cream scoop, and the bacon could have been a pork chop. He called it Canadian bacon. Our bacon does not look like that… It was great having a local to do some adventuring with as we visited a beautiful Farmer’s Market downtown. I think people here sometimes take for granted how much farm fresh produce they actually have access to. Unfortunately, I didn’t pick anything up as we are off to Melbourne tomorrow! Next weekend though, there will be major fresh produce acquisition.

We also got schooled in things that can kill you today (almost everything in this country), after yesterday’s friendly backyard snake encounter, and reminded that Huntsman spiders (not deadly, just giant, brown, fuzzy and attracted to warm places) like to come out after the rain. Its going to rain all week here in Hobart. Guess I will be continuing to check my bed every night for unwanted cuddle buddies.

After parting ways with resident friend, we went to another barbie hosted by a pharmacist at work for the interns and their preceptors. I really hope to get the recipe for our host’s wonderful salads, because they would be really yummy to bring to work, and make when I get home! My favourite one had quinoa, pine nuts and spinach. It was sunny here again today, but probably hovering around the 20 degree mark. Some glad I’m not home in the winter wonderland you got pummelled with last night, that’s for sure!

Can’t wait to be coming to you tomorrow from the food, culture and shopping capital that is Melbourne!



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