Mexican from Mamasita’s

I am writing to you from Melbourne, as I chow down on a caramel popcorn ice cream on a waffle cone-dessert to top off a Mexican feast from Mamasita’s.

We arrived in Melbourne shortly after 1900 tonight, and promptly discovered the wonder of the Skybus. It takes you right from the airport to basically any hotel in the city for only $18, via a double decker bus, which means you also get to see some city sights!

After checking into our hotel, we headed off to Flinders Lane, the main dining district in CBD Melbourne. So many good choices were closed! Before 10pm on a Monday in one of the biggest cities in the world. Don’t understand that one!?! It was so desperate that I actually tried to use the concierge service associated with my credit card, which turned out to be useless. Don’t waste your long distance minutes. By a stoke of luck, we ended up finding Mamasita’s, a taste of true Mexican street food in the heart of Melbourne.

The decor was what you would expect from an old Mexican place, with patchy chairs, and wrought iron gates, dim lighting and plants in jars. It was all done in a very contemporary and cozy way. There was also an entire separate menu for tequila, however we opted for the safer option of sangria instead. The staff were incredibly helpful and friendly, and knew the entire menu inside out. It’s not obligatory to tip here in Australia, but in this case it was well deserved!

We had street style corn to start, which was corn, on a cob, on a stick. How neat is that! With butter, cheese and chipotle spice. SO DELICIOUS. I then had a pork taco and a tlacoyo. Pork taco was yum (spiced pork with pineapple, cilantro and red onion), but the tlacoyo was a bit of a disappointment. It was almost a brownie in a corn tortilla, except made of black beans, with a citrus sauce and cheese. It wasn’t terrible, I just wouldn’t order it again. The pictures aren’t the best because the lighting was so fun, so add a little imagination as you’re looking at them!

On a not food related note, I had my last day on ID today, and I so so wish I could have stayed there for the rest of my time in Hobart. I learned so much, not just about bugs and drugs, but we had a lot of great discussion on adverse effects, monitoring, and interpreting the monitoring parameters. We also had some great discussions on recent papers around dosing in obesity, which is not something we really cover in school and always comes up in practice.

Tomorrow we are off to a Food, Wine and Wildlife Tour before the FGL and Jason Aldean concert. It should be a very long, but awesome day. No one here has ever heard of them, so we should be able to be major fan girls from the front row of the arena.

Till then,



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