“Nightlife” in Melbourne

The concert was completely amazing last night! We enjoyed it throughly.

When we first arrived, at only ten minutes before Florida Georgia Line (FGL) was due to start, most of the arena was still empty. It was what we had anticipated as no one here seemed to know who either FGL or Jason Aldean is. However, the band was a half hour late starting, and by that time, the entire Margaret Court Arena was pretty much full! 

Once FGL took the stage, it was one big sing along, dancing along good time time. They seemed to be in awe that an entire arena of people on the other side of the world knew all their lyrics. I couldn’t help but be a little amused, because American Down South/Country culture, really doesn’t seem it would flow with Australian culture at first glance. They don’t even sell Chevvy trucks here. If they did, they would be called a ute. (Side note, when I told someone I drive a truck, they thought that was a transport truck, a lorry. I have since learned to use ute, lol) Most girls don’t wear baseball hats. Plaid is not common, most fashion is black, white and grey. So, it was very interesting to experience it as a third culture onlooker!   

After singing my heart out to a full set done by FGL, Jason Aldean took the stage! He was just as incredible, and the crowd loved it. He also performed a full set, including Night Train, which was the first song that really made me like him! 

After the concert, we were starved gulls and went in search of food. Remember how I mentioned in passing the night before that many things were closed at like 10? Well this was quarter to 11. I remain mind blown that in the second largest city in the country, ON THIS CONTINENT, that almost every single restaurant in the CBD shuts down its kitchen at 10 or 11. And if they close at 11, that doesn’t mean last order for the kitchen at 11, that means gobble your food and get your butt out the door by 11. Our late night find from the night before wouldn’t serve us because she didn’t think we could order and eat in 20 mins. 

Even McDonalds was closed. 

We tried ordering late night take out. The first guy couldn’t understand me. 

The second crowd wouldn’t deliver past 11:30. Yes. We had spent over an hour and a half wandering the CBD in search of a kitchen which would serve us. 

Dominos hung up on us multiple times.We then remembered you can order online, so hehe Dominos, can’t hang up on me when I order online!!! 

We wondered if part of what we experienced last night may have been a little because they know we’re not locals. Brunettes arent common here, we wear colours (cause there’s only so much black and white you can buy, in my mind anyways, I like my colours), and as if that wasn’t suspicious enough, the minute we open our mouths they know we’re North American. The problem comes when they can’t distinguish the Canadian twang from the American unfortunately. I’m soon going to start telling people I’m from Tassie if they keep asking. Seems plausible, lol. 

Moral of the story-Nightlife in Melbourne does not exist in the middle of the week. Lesson learned. Will pack my own groceries next time. 



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