Fashion Finds!

This one is for my Nans, who are no doubt wondering about my fab fashion finds in Melbourne.

After much trial and tribulation with the Melbourne tram system, we arrived at the DFO outlet mall in South Bank. The first thing I bought was a muffin, a $4 muffin, which was so not worth $4. They clearly weren’t participating in the deals…

Thankfully, the rest of my finds were much more tasteful and came with outlet style pricing!

Below you’ll see a blue polka blouse from a Japanese store called SuperDry which I had never heard of before, but had lots of great causal, surf stuff. There’s also two flowy high waisted skirts which are all the rage here, two pairs of shorts (which are very much a here style thing, but here’s to blending and trying new things), and an adorable turtleneck dress.  
This is a dress from MossMan, which is really dressy, but I LOVED IT. It even has pockets. So needless to say, it had to be mine.

  Here’s me wearing the super fab turtleneck dress. 
This is the mug I bought at a store called Typo. They had so many amazing stationary, travel things and room decorations. I could have had the whole store. Fortunately they ship to Canada online, and will be opening 200 stores over the next 5 years in North America. I’m looking forward to having this as a travel mug for residency, just to help keep me smiling on the crazy days. No one will be dulling my sparkle 🙂

Also these are the wines I bought yesterday, which are both really great, and fit into the restrictions on what I can bring back to Canada without paying duty. Yering Station for the win! Now to just figure out how to buy these in Canada, as they are not as mass produced as most of the wines we find at NLC.

That’s all for now! Back on the pharmacy grind tomorrow, on General Medicine 🙂


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