Back on the Pharm Grind

Hi all!

Not much to report from the home front. Today was our first day back at the Royal after our mini vacation to Melbourne. 

I spent my morning on General Medicine (Gen Med) and my afternoon on the Coronary Care Unit (CCU). The morning consisted of doing bedside rounds with one of the gen med teams, through the Emergency Department and APU (which is like an intermediate between ED and the wards).  Apparently there are four gen med teams, and each covers so many many patients, plus a small specialty such as endocrinology or rheumatology. It was a lot of elderly folks today, and I liked that aspect of it. I also got to refresh some of my knowledge on general things. The role of the PhC on the team remains very different here, and how they apply their knowledge base is also different. It really seems to be more of a per consult basis, because so much of their time is consumed with MedRecs on admission and dispensing discharge medications. The computer system they use for MedRec is excellent, but the pharmacists must do all the MedRecs themselves, as opposed to sharing the responsibility with nursing and technicians. 

On cardio, I got to do an admission interview semi-independently which was really fun. Tomorrow I can follow up with the reconciliation, which I am looking forward to. 

Tomorrow is also exciting because it’s the Friday, the start to the Labour Day long weekend for Australia! 

Enough procrastinating on PEBC studying, off I go! Goodnight for now. 


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