Salamanca on a Friday Night

Happy 8 Hour Day Weekend all!

Hope your weekend is treating you well so far. It’s currently Saturday morning here, and I’m just getting on the go after a nice sleep in.

Yesterday I spent my morning on Gen Med, and my afternoon on Cardiology again. I got to complete a MedRec, in addition to following up on my one from the day before, do some documentation and learn about the Special Access program they have here for medications not approved in Australia. Turns out that part is very similar to home.

My cardio preceptor was nice enough to dedicate an hour yesterday to reviewing AFib with me, which was great, however a little confusing as their guidelines are a bit different. When I showed her the nice flow charts in the Canadian Guidelines, she liked them so much she printed them to read up on! I also learned about hyperthyroidism yesterday, as apparently Graves Disease is kind of common here, as opposed to very unusual at home. They do have similar rates of hypothyroidism as us. I thought that it was interesting that both too much and too little thyroid hormones can cause some of the same symptoms, when you would often think they would be polar opposite.

My Gen Med preceptor brought me to Grand Rounds yesterday, which was a very emotional case presentation regarding Perimortem C-section. It is exactly what it sounds like. And she had a name, because it was to teach from a real case. I was not mentally prepared. I didn’t know if I was going to cry, or be sick, or have to leave. Fortunately I gained my composure, and was able to stay and learn about this rare miracle.

On the way home from work, Chelsea and I wandered to a pub called The Republic for supper, different from the one on George! I had vegetarian paella, which turned out to be vegetables, and rice, mixed in a spicy tomato sauce and baked in a casserole dish. It was delicious rainy evening comfort food.

Then last night my resident friend and I ventured out in search of live music and drinks. After checking out the Winston in North Hobart, and trying a Coffee Stout, we ventured down towards Salamanca to the Telegraph Hotel, which had a terrible and fun 90s cover band playing on the patio. On the way home we stopped at a 24 hour bakery in Salamanca for late night snacks. 90s music and late night cinnamon scrolls? I think I’ve made a good friend.

The game plan for the day is to hang out at home, and get some studying done for the most part. I’ll keep you posted if it gets any more interesting than that!



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