Salamanca on Saturday

There’s a theme here-Salamanca is clearly the place to be!

So this morning I slept in a bit after my adventure last night, and just as I was making breakfast Chelsea came to say she was heading out to Salamanca Market. I gobbled my yogurt, hopped in the shower and off we went. 

At first it really looked like thunder and lightning was imminent, but it seems to have passed by for now:

Along the way, we stopped into an antiques shop called The Yellow Horse. We walk past it every morning on the way to work, but today was the first time we could pop in and browse. So much wicked retro furniture! 

At the market, they have a stall which claims to make the “Smallest Pancakes in Town”. Sorry Ricky, but they’re even more itty bitty than yours! I opted for pumpkin and feta pizza instead. We think by pumpkin, they’re referring to butternut squash, but we haven’t confirmed that quite yet. 

When we were walking home last night, I had noticed this large tent which had popped up down in Salamanca, but it was too dark to really tell what it was all about. So today, Chelsea and I investigated to determine it was a Spiegeltent. Which is basically a group of gypsies!! They’re here till the end of the month with different performances on every night. So hopefully me and Chelsea and resident friend will get to something, cause it seems really cool. 


While meandering home, we seen this Sunlight Soap ad, which made us giggle:


And finally, we ventured to Hill Street for groceries, and I bought another container of yogurt. I had to share a pic, because it actually comes as a KILOGRAM OF YOGURT.  I feel this is even better than when you say that you buy bacon by the pound. I can’t wait to enjoy it with my delicious local apples and blueberries I got at the market today! 

Have a great Saturday!



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