No Sheila’s Brush Here!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

In true Irish Newfoundland spirit, we set our alarms an extra half hour early this morning so we could set off down to Irish Murphy’s Pub in Salamanca for an Irish breakfast before work. They are one of only two Irish pubs in Hobart, and despite offering breakfast specials, they weren’t really in the swing this morning! It was a little sad really. Only two people were tackified in green attire, and they didn’t even have any Irish tunes playing! They did however at least have some balloons.

Fortunately, they were able to serve me a cup of Tetley (the first since I’ve been here), and a delicious “Big Irish Brekkie”.

It had rashers and bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, soda bread, baked beans and blood pudding! Wow. Defs couldn’t eat all that.

On the walk from Salamanca to work, I couldn’t get over how chilly it was. I just wanted a nice medium tea with two milk from Timmies. The mugs here are so little, and the baby sized flat whites won’t warm you up on a cold morning!

Thankfully, it did reach the predicted 28 degrees by lunch, and it was lovely. We wandered up to the local Maccas to see if they had iced coffee frappes, since we knew we wouldn’t find an ice cap.

They honestly must of thought we lived under a rock. We walked in, and weren’t even sure where to place our order as there was a counter with cash registers, a counter with menus and toppings plus this whole row of interactive touch screens. We tried the touch screens first, and couldn’t really figure it out, so we declared that too complicated and proceeded to the cash. I noticed people staring at us as we proceeded to order…

Thankfully, they were an item on the menu, so that much was alright! I then had to ask the guy where I should go to wait for my order… So embarrassing. I just had to stay put where I was.

Finally, missus brings over this “iced coffee frappe”.

(I am aware this is a terrible picture, didn’t have enough hands to take one till we got back, lol.)

As you can see, this is not what you would get at home, it usually comes without whipped cream or sauce, and the colour is more browny than tan-ish. It also tasted more like a mocha. Perhaps I ordered the wrong thing? Who knows. Either way, it was still good, and the most appropriate thing for a warm day!

We spent most of our time at work today studying for PEBCs, which actually went quite well, and I was also doing some reflecting on all the different precepting styles I’ve been exposed to in the past little while. I can’t believe this time next year I’ll be getting ready to be a preceptor for some poor soul. Hopefully I’ll have some more clinical wisdom of my own to share by then! I’ve definitely realized the importance of doing a basic intro to the unit, and clearly discussing mutual expectations. At least that will hopefully be a good starting point 🙂

Off to enjoy this beautiful evening!



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