Last Friday in Hobart Demands Cute Coffee Cups

TGIF folks. 

Today began with a miserable old rainy day, but we can’t complain too much because it’s the first time it’s really rained during the day since we’ve been here. Bonus, it wasn’t raining sideways, which meant I got to be all fashionable in my long white sweater and an umbrella!

Once we got to work, it seemed that today would be very similar to yesterday, in that our main goal would be studying. Today was the last of my first round of mental health review, and I was glad I took the time to cover the basic pharmacology as I went, because that will be one less course to cover once I’m home. 

The dullness was disrupted around morning tea time though for a special morning tea with treats to celebrate our last day, and the last day for two pharmacists in the department. I brought some peppermint knobs and molasses kisses to share. 

There was also chocolate slice, a chocolate square cookie with Rice Krispies and chocolate frosting:

As well as sausage rolls and these things called party pies. A party pie is basically small pieces of beef in a seasoned gravy in a flaky buttery pastry. Everyone was really pumped about the party pies, and I could see why! You all know how I feel about meat, but I actually liked these. Probably all the spices. 

Needless to say after all these morning tea goodies, we weren’t hungry for lunch! Instead we took our lunch break for Chelsea to pick up the print she had purchased earlier in the week, and to browse some shops. 

You may remember me mentioning in my first week that all the pharmacists kept having these adorable coffees which came with little cookies on top and beautiful patterned mugs? Today I finally found the shop! It’s called Artizan. Quite appropriately, my cup had “Wander” written on it. LOVE IT. It also was good white coffee, so it’s not just a pretty face! 

We finished off our day with a trip to Jack Greenes for some beers and burgers with resident friend. This was a really neat pub with some great music and really neat decorations with old school books. The upstairs restrooms had wallpaper of blank books, which people had signed with their names and creative titles! 

It was certainly sad to say goodbye to resident friend, he’s been an excellent host and friend, but he knows there’s an open door in Atlantic Canada for him if he ever wants to venture further than Banff. 

Now on to packing for Nubeena. 

Cheers to sleeping in and morning runs, and lingering over a nice flat white in the morning! 


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