The Canadian Chemist Ladies do HMR

Hello all!

Back to much better spirits today after spending the whole day doing Home Medication Reviews (HMR). Mom, I hate to say you were right, but getting a good night sleep on Sunday seems to be a key to success. 

Essentially a home medication review is where the physician refers a patient to the pharmacist for a one hour in-home medication review. The benefit of going to the patient, over them coming to us, is not only convienece, but also gives us a greater opportunity to see all the complementary medications they might be using, and forget to bring in. It’s also a more comfortable environment for chatting. 

We spent most of yesterday afternoon reconciling medication lists, and looking for drug-related problems on the profiles for the patients we would see today. This allowed us to make notes about specific extra things we wanted to ask about. Basically the dream for every paper case where you’ve said “I wish I could talk to the patient”. After our visit, we’ll do up a report to send to the physician containing our recommendations. 

It was so fun! Almost everyone we visited was over the age of 80, and so friendly. I think they appreciated the company more than the service itself. They told us all about their grandchildren, great grandchildren, and what they did before they retired. We heard lots of “I’m right as rain for my age!”. We were also advised on the importance of having good morals, by a lady who recounted her first sip of beer a couple of weeks ago, which ended with her running to find the sugar dish. When we asked one gentleman if he felt he was being taken care of, he told us he had five different girls come in each week, what more could he want? (It wasn’t said in a creepy way at all,just to be clear, lol). I wanted to hug them all. We also got the opportunity to screen for depression, and start a dialogue with someone who had been ignoring their symptoms for quite some time. I really felt like we made a difference. 

In between all of this, our preceptor took us sight seeing! We covered the entire Tasman Penninsula pretty much. 

We went down to the Remarkable Cave, which is a cave with an opening that is shaped like Tasmania. 

The scenery was just incredible. 

Next we went to the Tasman Arch, which is a larger version of the Dungeon down in Bonavista, and Devil’s Kitchen. The kitchen used to be an arch, but it collapsed, and now a new cave is forming. 

We then went to check out The Blowhole. This is exactly what is sounds like, and it smelled like the ocean <3. There’s this little section where the ocean washed in, and as the tide comes up, there’s a blow hole! 

We then got some beach chips, because it was lunch time and we weren’t going to have a chance to eat otherwise. This resulted in being almost mobbed by seagulls of varying colours and sizes. We also went to see the Tesselated Pavement, but I was too caught up in my chips to remember to take my phone to get a picture. Sorry. I was as starved as the aforementioned gulls. It’s basically these natural cobblestones and paving stones in the rock of the cliff made by the ocean! It was really pretty. 

Tomorrow we’ll finish our reports for the physicians, and head off to Hobart for the night. Eddie and Bernie are taking us in, and going to bring us to the airport Friday morning. Can’t wait to be sitting on a *warm* beach Friday afternoon! 



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