Surfer’s Paradise

Hello from The Gold Coast!

We have arrived safely in Surfer’s Paradise, and spent some time exploring the beach. On the way up the East Coast, we had a stopover in Sydney. 

This is the scene landing at the domestic terminal: 

Basically landing on the beach! 

It was super muggy there (again), so I’m glad we weren’t staying. 

I was originally in the middle, but my two seat mates offered me the window seat so they could sit together. Perfect for me! I immediately noticed one had a CIBC bank card, so I asked where they were from. Turns out they were from Whistler! Never been to NL though. 

Luckily the seat switch meant I got the best view of the beach the whole way up the coast: 

And this is the first view of Gold Coast:


We fortunately found a shuttle from the airport to the hotel, as we had unfortunately not realized that Surfer’s Paradise in all its glory is actually 40 minutes from the airport?! So. Mini road trip it was!

As soon as we got to the hotel (We’re at the Mantra Legends, basically being rock stars, this place is amazing), we ran to the beach! 

Loving life. THE BEACH IS SO GREAT. And there’s even a shark patrol-life guard crowd who point out where to swim so you can do it safely. The water is as good as bath water, and the waves are to die for. Surfs up tomorrow!

Off to have a seafood buffet for Good Friday and a swim at the pool.

Happy Easter weekend all!



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