Beach and Study Day

Well, if you’ve got to study, if might as well be on a beach! 


Started my day at SBucks (which surprisingly I haven’t missed that much, too much good coffee in Tassie!), with a coffee frappucino and a piece of coconut loaf, yum. As the barista was taking my name for my cup, she informed me that I had gotten a lucky Easter cup! Meaning I get a free frappucino for Easter tomorrow. How fab! 


The surf was giant again today, so I spent most of my morning in the water. So fun! 

We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, and I had a very giant Java burger. 

It was soo good! I’ve also come around to liking onions on my burger, and this one had these spicy tempura ones on the bottom. 

I reapplied my sunscreen at least 4 times, even though I felt like a giant sand monster and I was just rubbing a sand-salt-sunscreen mixture on, lol. The result was the smallest tan ever, and still a patchy sunburn. Grr. At least not a full sunburn. Soon going to resort to going to Sephora for self tanner so my Nans won’t think I’m a disappointment 😉 haha, you’d all love the waves and sand here! 

Getting ready to go out for supper and some early birthday celebrations with Chelsea! Hopefully we’ll get surfing tomorrow, just enjoyed relaxing too much today to commit to learning a new sport. 

Night for now,



2 thoughts on “Beach and Study Day

  1. Hi Sarah!
    Just connected to you blog. Your pictures are beautiful! Seems like your having a wonderful time. Take care.

    Ula & Bill


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