Back to Tassie, again!

After a wonderful Easter weekend soaking up the sun and sand, we headed back to Tassie on the 6am flight.

This made for one long day! There was lots of cloud cover, so I wasn’t able to really get many pictures from my window seat.

This isn’t a clear picture, but I was trying to show you the way the clouds were wrapping around the mountains over New South Wales. 

I did however almost get through To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ve been re-reading before I start Go Set a Watchman, and it’s even more heart-wrenching than it was the first time I read it. I think I can understand more of the themes than I could in Junior High, and it just amazes me that it can still be relevant, so many years after it was published. 

After landing in Hobart, Eddie and the famjam picked us up and we road-tripped back to Nubeena…

There was much Elvis involved, and we also had to explain to Eddie that DJs don’t really play classic techno any more, it’s like remixes. That was funny. He referred us to a band called The Prodigy, which for reference, is a bizarre mixture of techno and screamo. Sorry to report it didn’t make my playlist!

We stopped for fish and chips at this really popular local fish market in Dunalley. That’s where the forest fires had wiped out the homes, which I was talking about last weekend! 

There was octopus, calamari and flathead, and chips! It even came wrapped in newspaper, and we ate it by the jetty! How precious. I also had “lemon squash” today, which is not a squash, but a sparkling lemonade made by Coca-Cola. Yum! Will definitely be buying it again. 

I may have cheated and just saved my Snapchats to show you, as I didn’t really take any other pictures today, oops!

We also seen this young couple and their dog (a chocolate goldendoodle nonetheless) eating their seafood and chips sitting on the tailgate of their ute, and they looked like they were on an adventure. It was really cute. 

Tomorrow we are back on the community pharm beat. Only seven more work days, and then the next time I practice pharmacy I’ll be expected to actually know things. What?! I cannot, cannot believe I am so close to being done five years of blood, sweat and tears (Ignoring the looming shadow of PEBCs). I’m also really not ready to come home yet. What am I going to do when I can’t just randomly jet off to a beach for the weekend? Oh my. I expect there will be lots of exploring the Atlantic provinces for me in the next few months, always something to see and do, just gotta search it out! I may also already be devising plans for how I am going to get back to Tassie, lol. 

Anyways, I am off to get a good rest to tackle some Diabetes MedsCheks and CKD study recruitment tomorrow. Goodnight!



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