HMR Day + Bike Ride to White Beach

Today was HMR today at the pharmacy, so we got started with a home visit to an amazing lady who was a photographer and cinematographer prior to retiring. She took the time to show off some of her photos, including ones her husband had taken of her behind the lens, and they were just incredible. The scenery and passion for what they were doing came through perfectly! 

We then dawdled off to the Multipurpose Health Centre for our presentation on Diabetes! We had a whole nine ladies show up for morning tea and our talk. They seemed to really appreciate us coming in, and invited us for a curried scallop luncheon next Wednesday! 

After lunch, we did some more med reviews, and one lady even had scratch black current cordial (kind of like Purity syrup), and homemade orange cranberry cookies made for us! It was delicious.


Our other project for the day was to bike to White Beach to go shopping for a painting of the Tasman Penninsula! Now, our only method of transportation, besides walking, was these bicycles the uni has provided for us. Now, neither of us had been on a bike in years, so, we quickly seen that this could be very interesting…

We didn’t get ten feet before we realized we had flat tires, and the handle bar was loose on Chelsea’s! Apparently the garage across the street didn’t have air, so we debated calling it quits, however figured it was worth a shot to run back to the pharmacy and ask if our preceptor knew anyone who could help us out. THE BEST PART OF COMMUNITY PHARMACY. You know the whole place! He was quickly phoned up a lady who owns the hardware store up the road, and she stayed open for us! 

A giant thank you to Lorraine at the Penninsula Hardware store, who got us to bring out the air compressor, and then helped us fill up our tires! When we couldn’t get one of the caps off, she phoned up her husband who brought a wrench and a screwdriver for the handlebar, and had us all fixed up in no time! She wouldn’t accept anything for doing that for us, so I really hope she knows how much we appreciated it.

It was 6km to White Beach, and I did find a lovely painting by Marlene Beauchaud! Can’t wait to hang it in my new apartment. We got lots of nice pictures of the sunset on the way back. 

  This is a kookaburra in a gumtree ^

I also got to use my LifeStraw, which actually came in super handy where our tap water in Nubeena comes from a tank, and therefore must be boiled.  


That’s all for now! Goodnight 🙂 



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