Supper at the Local Cooperative

Today was another one of those days I can only describe as interesting, made bearable however by the fact that it was Chelsea’s birthday! 

I surprised her with an ice cream cake for lunch, and I may have cheated and picked up a Dairy Milk one from IGA, but it was way prettier than what I could have come up with given my limited supplies 🙂 It was really good too! 

We made a reservation at The Hub here in Nubeena for supper, which is rated as the number one restaurant (of 4) in Nubeena on TripAdvisor, and is located in an Eco-village. 

Yes. An Eco-Village cooperative. It’s totally just as hippie-ish as it sounds, but actually a really incredible idea. Way less sketchy than the one Jennifer Aniston goes to in Wanderlust. People come and build their little cabins, which are all Eco-friendly, and the community is pretty self-sufficient within Nubeena. Lots of recycled water, and sun power, and organic gardening, with a sprinkle of yoga and positive community relationships. 

Everything on the menu is local, and they have chefs which just come for a few months, and then move on again. This keeps the menu and the vibe continuously new. Tonight, we shared eggplant chips (giant eggplant fries) with wasabi aioli, and then we both had salmon for our main. 


 The salmon is Tassie Atlantic salmon, and was one of the best pieces of seafood I’ve had since I’ve been here. It came from the farm behind our house. And amazingly wasn’t as oily as farmed fish usually is, and the colour was also oranger than what we get. Not sure what they’re doing, but it was delicious! Served on a bed of citrus pilaf, with asparagus, spinach and carrot purĂ©e. Basically all my favourite things. Very wholesome and yummy. The service was very attentive, and made us feel right at home, and it was very laid back. 

For dessert, I had creme brĂ»lĂ©e, and Chelsea had tiramisu. It wasn’t quite as good as the blueberry one at the Bonavista Social Club, but it was still smooth and a good balance of creamy and not too sweet. 

When I came home, I realized that when I get back to NL, I won’t have to live out of a suitcase! Two months living out of a suitcase has definitely taught me that I can survive a giant closet gutting when I get back. I have way too much clothes.

Back at the books for now, 



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