Friday Night in Nubeena

Is apparently more exciting than anticipated… 

So tonight was going well enough, made some yummy wings and sweet potato fries for supper. Studied infectious diseases, had some snacks, listened to a nice Songza playlist. All was well. 

Until Chelsea sings out to me calmly from the bathroom: “Sarah, can you come here for a second?”

I asked if it was a big one, expecting a spider. 

But oh no.

It was a flipping scorpion.

In our bathroom.

There was much screaming and jumping on it, but it died a very rapid death. 

We identified it as a wood scorpion. Because we can identify insects now. And reassured ourself that while it would hurt a lot of it stung us, at least it wouldn’t kill us. I dislike knowing how to identify these things, and I dislike even more prioritizing the toxicity. 

Time to come home now. 



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