Last Monday of Undergrad

Pretty crazy right? I can’t believe it either. I don’t think it’s actually going to feel real until I walk across the stage June 2nd and actually get my degree saying I have a real live BSc (Pharm)! However, I am still looking forward to celebrating on Wednesday.

Today was a pretty laid back day. Started out by trying some quince with breakfast. I had quince jelly with Brie back in Hobart, so I thought I’d like the fruit itself. It’s supposed to be like a pear-apple. 

Amateur mistake! It’s one of those best in jams and jellies sorts of things, like a partridgeberry. Oops! Guess I’ll just have to try it in David’s Tea’s tea of the month for April when I get back, which coincidentally is quince! 

One of the patients at the pharmacy, J, who had brought us in stickers last week, brought us in a placemat today with the animals of Tasmania! She’s so sweet, I could hug her to pieces. I told her it would be great in my new apartment! 

It reminded me of my Boeing 787 keychain I received from a member of the test crew, the summer I was working at Sinbads. Little souvenirs like that are so thoughtful! 

Back at the books for now, gotta do what you gotta do. We did treat ourselves to a Jaffa ice cream for dessert from the bakery though, and it was super delicious. Mr. T’s needs to start carrying Jaffa!

Night for now,



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