Airlie Beach Here We Come!

Glad you’re all still with me after yesterday’s artsy post!

I seriously felt like Cam’s song Want it All, lol.

Today we’re back to the norm-pictures and adventures 😉

So, early this morning we were up and on the go again. Unfortunately, we were running late, so we were convinced we had missed our shuttle to the airport, and would have to cab. By happy coincidence, our shuttle was also running late, so it worked out to be perfect timing! 

Then we began our trek through Sydney Airport to drop off our big suitcases at the baggage storage. I cannot describe to you how much I despise this airport. It hasn’t been a pleasant experience either time that I’ve been here, and this is trip 3. The signage is absolutely terrible, there is never anyone around to point you in the right direction, and they have these Lego blocks on the floor which are hell to drive your suitcase wheels over. They also seem to not have air conditioning because it’s always crazy humid. And it’s busy.

On the bright side, it does basically double as a mall, and suddenly it wasn’t so bad after I ate an almost croissant. Hehe. 

We transferred in Brizzy to head further north. Now. For some reason, the closest airport to Airlie Beach, is on an island south of it. It’s called The Great Barrier Reef Airport, how sweet! 

Here’s some pictures of the islands during the flight:

The black areas are cloud shadows.

It was kind of insane. As we began our decent, in an Embrarer 190, you could see the runway. It wasn’t very long! Once again, we nearly landed in the ocean in order to optimize use of the short runway. I don’t know how these pilots do it!

Hamilton Island itself is a resort island, where families and honeymooners come for the all inclusive sort of experience. It was bustling, as we arrived at the same time as another flight, and hosts were searching for their families, and bus transfers were going everywhere. We followed the signs for ferry service to Port of Airlie, and soon found ourselves settled on a high speed shuttle boat. It took about an hour to get to the mainland, as we also stopped at Daydream Island. 

The ferry provided more neat views of the Whitsunday Islands.

The journey took the good out of us for the most part, so we spent the rest of the day exploring Airlie’s beach shops, and gathering supplies for our catamaran trip which departs tomorrow. 

Supper happened at the famous Magnum’s, which is famous in a totally different way from Magnum and Stein’s in St. John’s. This Magnum’s is Airlie’s largest, most popular beer garden, which features live music and shady picnic tables. You can order from the restaurant called Mama’s Boys, which is all good cheap eats, and just take in the atmosphere. There’s pool tables, a hostel, baggage storage and a night club all in the area of the beer garden, so it’s really quite a service all area. I had the steak special, because I just really needed something half wholesome and not on a bun. The salad balanced the chips 😉


Given I’m not a steak fanatic, it was perfectly average and therefore just wonderful in my books. The coleslaw was superb though! 

Dessert was cookies and cream ice cream, the best of all the flavours! 

I will be sailing the Whitsundays for the next two nights, and I am not optimistic there will be service in the middle of the ocean. Therefore, I’ll have to save up my stories for Monday! Looking forward to telling you all about it. 




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