Arrival in Cairns

So, 11 hours later, and we have arrived in Cairns. At about hour 10, it occurred to me that if I was travelling by plane, I would almost be back in Canada by now. Think on that for a second… Longest bus ride ever!! 

I almost feel bad complaining though, our friend from France had a 17 hour bus ride from Fraser Island to Airlie Beach! Craziness. I think if I were to do this again, I’d want some extra time so that I could break the bus trip into smaller pieces, and stop in more places.

We travelled with Greyhound Australia, and the seats were actually really comfy, and had USB charging stations. There was lots of AC, and we stopped for food a couple times along the way, so really it wasn’t that bad of a day! I spent most of the ride with my head in Therapeutic Choices, but I did get a few snaps.

This is the cafe we stopped at around supper time. I had a chicken avo focaccia, just to tie me over so we could find something yummy in Cairns. I really need to learn how to say focaccia, because I know I always say “foschetta”  and it’s wrong, but it usually gets understood at home. That didn’t work for me today, lol.

Oh, we also ran into a girl from Vancouver on the bus, but she basically dismissed us as being Canadian when she found out we were from Newfoundland. I hadn’t gotten that one in a while, nice to know that sentiment is still out there…

We merely brushed it off, and continued on with our day! So far our hotel seems lovely. Gone to explore Cairns in search of food!



2 thoughts on “Arrival in Cairns

  1. If you were me I would have given her the finger. At least the pinky. East and West I guess don’t click. Take care, Sarah.


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