Food and Stay in Airlie Beach

Today we waved goodbye to Airlie Beach via Greyhound Australia. It was a lovely few days! 

We had based ourselves at the Colonial Palms Motor Inn, as we had gotten a good deal on Expedia, which even included breakfast. It’s located up over a giant hill, and on first sight, it appears rather dated.

The rooms are quite simple, with white brick walls, however, what it doesn’t have in accessories it makes up for in charm. Our hosts were John and Margaret (just introducing themselves to us immediately made us feel at home), and they gave us an orientation to the hotel on check in. There was two pools, which were very tropical:

And the complimentary breakfast was help yourself fresh fruit, yogurt, toast, juice, tea/coffee and cereal. It gave you a chance to chat with the other guests and was quite lovely. 

They even had sunscreen, aloe and all sorts of brochures laid out in the lobby. And their little pup was on hand in the evenings to greet us!

You could tell that people come back here, as Margaret was catching up with several guests while working breakfast. She made a point to ask us our plans for the day, and remind us to wear lots of sunscreen because we’re so fair. It was such a lovely, friendly experience, I thought they deserved a bit of a shout out!
After our boat trip yesterday, the crew had made a table reservation for us at Down Under Bar and Grill, so we could meet up for drinks and nibbles. Apparently all the boats go to DUB after they return, as many tables had a reserved sign like ours:

We added our new friends to FB, and had a grand night listening to some live music. I felt like I was at Rob Roy with all the pharm crew, cause I knew every song the guy did on his guitar, lol. 

Afterwards we headed to Phoenix, because we had VIP passes, however the DJ was not very fab, so we only stayed for a few minutes before heading to Maccas. I miss North American sweet and sour sauce on my Maccas.

Currently, we are on the Greyhound Australia bus, en route to Cairns. It’s an 11.5 hour trip, so wish us luck! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.


Ps, this is a picture of a big map of the Whitsundays, I thought you might be interested. It just shows all the little islands!



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