Pool R&R Day

Hi all!

Today was a day well spent relaxing, after the past few very busy days. Didn’t even set an alarm. Magical.

When I did finally wake up around 9:30, we decided to quickly get dressed and head out to explore Cairns.

Well, we weren’t out the door, and we had to walk under some of the trees closest to the hotel. If you haven’t heard by now, Cairns is home to several nursery colonies of spectacled flying foxes. What is a spectacled flying fox? Oh, just a 1 kg furry fruit bat…

I think there must be at least a hundred in each tree!! None of the guide books will tell you that!!! 

You should have heard them screeching. They were even soaring around. No daylight nap time for them apparently. 

Here’s a tree for example:


I may or may not have screamed and went running when a leaf hit my shoulder at one point. THEY’RE MASSIVE. 

I will add that they’re a vulnerable species. And they do play a key role as pollinators here in Queensland. So, you just kinda gotta live with it I guess.

After recovering from my leaf attack, we walked along the “waterfront”, which is mostly very mud-like sand, and I spotted some pelicans!


I included the girls in the first one so you could see that these are also massive. 

Along the way we moseyed pass the lagoon, which is like a “safe for swimming” salt water pool/fake beach. They had one in Airlie Beach as well. Kinda nice!

We decided it was way too warm to be out and about, it was 32 degrees, and humid as gracious knows what (remember we’re in the rainforest now), so I grabbed a piece of banana bread and we headed back to the hotel.

I got my eye brees touched up today, and the girl was so nice! The whole place was super professional. Her and her boyfriend are apparently moving to the area of Vancouver in our summer. She also added “fibres” to them, slash taught me how to do this myself, so, I NOW HAVE EYEBROWS, and they are on point. Anika and Megan know exactly what I’m talking about.  

I wanted to laugh when she commented that I had my life together, as she hadn’t yet been outside of Australia. My dear. It only looks that way!

We spent the rest of the day by the pool and swim up bar over a bucket of XXXX Gold, and some potato wedges. It was perfect, even if I still don’t have much of a tan!



Our hotel is quite luxurious, thanks to finding an excellent Groupon deal. Here’s some more pictures:   
We have an adventure to the reef scheduled for the day tomorrow, and I am hoping to hire an underwater camera. So excited!!! I really hope I get to meet Crush. That’d be pretty cool dude 😉

We are now off in search of Mexican. Last night was Italian at a place called La Pizza. I had gnocchi with sausage, pumpkin, cherry tomatoes and tomato pesto. It was divine! 

I apologize if those of you who subscribe via email got this as an incomplete post, my phone slipped, and my thumb hit publish before I was done, oops! 

Have a great evening!



8 thoughts on “Pool R&R Day

  1. Your blog is so great !! I feel like I’m there and those bats would honestly freak me out. I want to know what kind of stuff she put on your brows I need some. Keep having fun love.

    Liked by 1 person

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