Sydney Bound

The most sad panda as I head for Sydney, leaving Cairns behind…

We’ll have three days there so it’s not quite the end of the road yet, but I’m already heartsick about leaving.

Today I was thinking how much I’ll miss the style here. Everything is so light and flowy, and rompers and crop tops are so popular. I love it. 

Our last day in Cairns was pretty chill. We considered doing the SkyRail and Kuranda, however it was really rainy and humid, and we felt like we got enough rainforest from just being in and around Cairns. So, we decided to check out a farmers market known as Rustys Market, and mosey around a bit.

Rustys Market has a big focus on eating local to support local Tropical North Queensland businesses. You should have seen the produce! And it wasn’t like in Tassie or Moncton, NB, where you almost pay more to buy local, it was actually cheaper than the grocery store, like local produce should be. The variety was mind blowing. 


It’s currently Mandarin season. YUM. There was also the nicest looking avocados I’ve ever seen, permissons, dragonfruit, peaches! 

There was also a French patisserie where we got almond croissants, lots of people selling jewelry, and a few other local things. I bought some chilli sauce, and I seriously think I need to learn how to poach an egg, because it would be deadly on eggs benny. 

Unlike other chilli sauces, Nina’s is uncooked, so it has a more intense flavour.

This didn’t take us as long to explore as anticipated, so we suddenly had a fair bit of time to kill. Never fear! Cairns had an outlet mall!

I was really good. I went to Lorna Jane, and I didn’t buy a single thing. Round of applause please? Lol. I did however find a dress for convocation! I’m so excited about it. It’s black and white, but it has a really different flow to it, and I’ll definitely be able to wear it again. Add a colourful shoe, and good to go!

After we explored the DFO, we came back into town to pick up the last few souvenirs on our list, and stuck our feet in the lagoon. I really hope there’s a lagoon in Sydney, or at least beaches for swimming! I’ve been in the water pretty much every day for the past two weeks. Spoiled rotten.

They had a Saturday market set up along the waterfront, and I met a lady named Sabine who is just starting her business “Spa in a Jar”. She makes homemade salt scrubs, and she’s been at it for years, but her friends just convinced her to start selling to others. She uses really high quality essential oils, and they smell amazing and are super moisturizing. I picked up her Minty one, and I can’t wait to use it when I come home. For the quality of her product, they’re priced really reasonably. Sabine said her passion is putting a smile on people’s faces with her product. She has a FB page, and she’s willing to ship anywhere in the world, so check her out! 

We’re currently at the airport in Cairns, which is a decent size, and has better food options than the airport in Melbourne, so that’s something! 


Don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you otherwise, haha.

We had BBQ chicken pizza 🙂 

It’s a three hour flight to Sydney, so I imagine we’ll be doing some studying. 

Talk to you soon!


Update: This is my last look at the Cairns rainforest from the airport-



3 thoughts on “Sydney Bound

  1. Wow , I get hungry every time I read your blog, Glad you’re having a blast exploring & trying so many new things   can’t wait to read about Sydney.
    Safe travels to Both of you!

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