Return to Canada

Hello/bonjour mes amies!

Good news: I am safely back on Canadian soil. Timmies in hand.

Bad news: There’s a snowstorm in St. John’s tonight so I can only get as far as Montreal! They cancelled my flight just as I arrived here.

After the initial welling of tears over not getting home to my own bed and my friends and family ASAP, mostly just because it was travel hour 27 by this time, I decided it really wasn’t a big deal.

Sure, I’m disappointed, but really, I didn’t have any life or death plans for tomorrow. This means I get a whole day to hang out in old Montreal, one of my favourite cities tomorrow! It also put me closer to a shower, which was almost happy tear inducing itself by that point.

I just want to comment on the past 36 hours experience with Air Canada. They get so much negative press, and often I can dish criticism for them too, however, they deserve some positive feedback for my experience today!

The plane from Sydney to Vancouver was a newly refurbished 777, so the seats were really comfy, and there was an extra plug in. The new headphone plug ins also fit the apple earbuds way better than the old ones, no twisting to find the sound.

They served us lunch, with complimentary wine, and then a weird mid flight sandwich snack, before breakfast just before we landed. The flight attendants were really friendly, and kept making sure everyone had enough juice and water through the whole flight. Even the bathrooms were half clean. (Cleaner than boat bathroom-shower in the Whitsundays is the new bare standard, lol).

On our Vancouver to Montreal connection, they actually had enough in flight cafe items that everyone who wanted to purchase something could. I had the cheese and fruit and crackers (no time to get a snack in Vancouver), and it was simple and fresh, as you would expect it to be.

When my flight was cancelled, I was promptly automatically rescheduled via email, and then placed in a hotel complimentary near the airport. They even gave me directions to find the shuttle. Maybe I just looked really disheveled by this point, but either way that smile and unexpected empathy went a long way! 

I’m definitely already experiencing reverse culture shock. It feels so unnatural to dodge someone from the right as opposed to the left. Asked for the lift in the airport. Had to actually focus on the waiter asking me if I wanted French fries. He came to my table, after I sat pondering whether I needed to order at the bar and get a table number. Ketchup came free, instead of tomato sauce at 30c per pack. There’s ice hockey on the tely.

Woah. I think I’ll just focus on finishing my burger and then do some reading before bed! Looking forward to getting a macaron tomorrow 🙂 




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