On da Gander


After a grand total of 102 hours, I have arrived safely in Gander. What a day!

To recap: 

Tuesday April 19th- 1955 flight from Montreal to St. John’s cancelled. Rebooked to fly to Halifax, and then on to St. John’s leaving 1330 Wednesday. I call and reschedule for a direct flight to St. John’s leaving at 1955 Wednesday, to avoid a six hour layover and possibly getting stuck in Halifax.

Wednesday April 20th- 1955 flight from Montreal to St. John’s cancelled. No flights available until 0825 Friday.

Friday April 22nd- My carry on bag is weighed, and I am informed I am only allowed to have 10 kg of carry on according to Canadian law. I have never heard of this law, and despite trying to explain its textbooks, I am rudely told “Step to the side ma’am and rearrange your baggage”, even though I am only 1.2 kg over. I place Therapeutic Choices and Minor Ailments reluctantly in my checked baggage. Eight people are bumped from the flight, thankfully I am not one of them.

1210-Flight from Montreal to St. John’s spends a half hour circling the St. John’s airport but is unable to land due to fog. Decides to divert to Deer Lake. I inquire if we will be allowed off the plane as we prepare to land, as I was planning to head to Central for the weekend anyways. I am informed that the Captain hasn’t decided what we are doing yet, we may refuel and return to Montreal, or they may bus us to St. John’s. I decide come hell or high water, supposing I have to feign illness, I am not going back to Montreal. 

1345- We land in Deer Lake, and I am informed that legally, I am allowed to deplane if I want. They cannot keep me. The only problem is that I cannot have my checked baggage. I rapidly grab my carry on bag and run for hills as fast as I can. I trust that some loving soul will rescue me, as I am just relieved to finally be back to The Rock.

1400- Poppy Wince leaves to come to my rescue.

1620- Pop arrives and I could almost cry with joy! We head to GFW, where Nan is waiting with Mac and Cheese. I’m sorry it doesn’t get a feature picture, my 4:30pm jet lag bedtime has kicked in, and I’m barely able to hold a conversation.

2200- Dad and I arrive in Gander!!! The happiest and most exhausted of humans!!!!! Fingers crossed my checked baggage arrives sooner rather than later.

So, here endith Australia 2016. 

I am so delighted you’ve all enjoyed following along, as its brought me a lot of joy to share it with you. As I get settled in the coming days, I hope to post a few photo galleries of things I’ve been holding on to! 

As well, this won’t be the last post from Pharm to Table. Like I said, it’s something I’ve come to really enjoy doing! To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what it will morph into just yet. I’d like to feature some Canadian adventures as I tick off my Newfoundland Pre-Move list, and explore New Brunswick later this summer. Maybe some recipes as the Farmer’s Markets kick off? Hopefully I’ll continue to see you all around as we see what Pharm to Table becomes. Feel free to share with your friends if they’re planning a trip and looking for some honest first hand thoughts! 

Talk to you soon,



3 thoughts on “On da Gander

  1. I have really enjoyed your blogs Sarah. You certainly have a knack for the written word. All the very best in your exams and the future. Take care love.


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