Salmon Foil Packets

Happy SundayFunday everyone 🙂 

I punched my TIU SundayRunday 5km as an afternoon of downhill skiing at Poley, and the conditions were like spring came early! The snow was so soft it made me confident enough to even tackle some moguls and glades. It went much better than last weekend’s adventure through the glades at Mont Tremblant, lol… 

By the time I drove back to the city, I was ready for supper before I ventured grocery shopping, so that meant raiding my freezer. I located some salmon, and felt inspired by all the recent foil and parchment packets I’ve been spotting on Pinterest! 

I started out with cubing half a potato and placing it on a large-ish sheet of tinfoil. 

Then I placed half a dozen little tomatoes and brussell sprouts on top, drizzled some olive oil (1/2 tbsp) and salt and pepper on top:

Followed it with my chunk of salmon rescued from my freezer, some lemon slices and more olive oil (1/2 tbsp).

Then I added a spring of thyme, because it’s pretty and yummy:

Tucked it together, and put it in a pan! I put in on the pan as opposed to just putting in on the rack in case it bubbled over. 

And this was the final product 🙂

I wanted to share this, because it counts as clean eating, is delicious and nutritious, and seriously took like 10 mins to orchestrate! 
Let me know if you try your own variation! 🙂



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