Day 4- Killarney to Annascaul 

Good evening all!

Tonight I’m writing from the sleepy village of Annascaul, located not far from Inch Beach on the Dingle Penninsula. 

I wanted to acknowledge that there was no day 2 blog post of our trip from Dublin to Mullinavat, however, that was a mild disaster, featuring: the dropping off of our rental car, being told we had to move our car from the tram tracks by the valet, getting lost for an hour and a half trying to make it around the building to the parking garage because there was all one way streets, stopping for coffee, watching a traffic cop take photos of our car while looking up from coffee, running out to discover our car had been “clamped” (gotten a boot put on it), being told I would have to call in the ticket number and pay an eighty euro fine on my credit card and waiting for someone else to come remove the clamp, almost crying, the man taking pity on jet-lagged tourist, telling me I could pay cash and him and his buddy would then remove the clamp right away, me paying the fine in cash, having the clamp removed and then spending another hour finding the way back to the hotel, checking out, and finally making it on to the highway to Mullinavat. That’s why we never made it to Waterford until Day 3 😂 It’s funny now. Was not at the time!!!

Anyways, back to today! Today was incredibly gorgeous! Every ounce of gorgeous green you picture when you think of Ireland. We got up at our delightful B&B, Flesk Lodge in Killarney, and were served our choice of breakfast and a lovely pot of tea, plus fruit, yogurt and fresh tea buns! I had eggs, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms with mine. Omnomnom. 

After breakfast, we asked our hostess if she knew anywhere we could park the car for the day, and she kindly suggested we leave it in their driveway while we explored. It was so appreciated! We really can’t get over how nice everyone has been, with directions (often initiated by them saying “You look lost!”) and random chats and smiles. 

We then headed to rent some bicycles to do a bicycle tour of Killarney National Park. Everyone said this was the best way to see the park, and we weren’t going to argue with the locals! Once properly outfitted, we cycled off down the well-maintained track to the park, and were instantly met with just breath-taking views of green hills and lakes. 

There was also an abandonned abbey (Muckross Abbey) in the park, which we got to explore in detail:

A heritage manor and gardens (Muckross House and Gardens):

A waterfall (Torc Waterfall): 

And just lots of generally amazing scenery!
We stopped into the cafe at Muckross House on the way back, and I have to admit I was expecting overpriced chicken fingers, but I was a hungry-hungry-hippo by this point, and instead, we found this amazing cafeteria-style homemade food which almost reminded me of Discovery Cove in Florida! There was a salad bar with salmon, lasagna, and chicken breasts with all kinds of veggies (even those little baked potato soufflés which are so good!). I opted for the chicken and veggies, and it was like a cooked dinner, definitely needed! I was too hungry to get a good picture for you, but definitely go there if you’re ever in the area! 

Our drive from Killarney to Annascule was studded with photo stops, and A QUILT SHOP! They were closed, but the guy in the gas station downstairs seen us looking in the window and let us in to have a boo around. Her work was awesome, and I bought a kit to make some sheep mug rugs when I get back home 😁 
Tonight’s B&B is located across from this pub dedicated to Tom Crean, who was from here, and was one of the explorers of the South Pole! So naturally we did lots of interesting reading over there, over a G&T featuring Dingle Distillery Gin 😊

Tomorrow we explore Dingle and drive to Ennis! Talk to you then,



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