My name is Sarah, and I’m an almost-pharmacist! When I’m not learning about how to optimize drug therapy for my patients, you’ll often find me indulging my love of food. I am not exaggerating when I describe it as a full fledged love affair. 

For me, food is about unleashing my creativity when I get to create new recipes, and make things pretty. Food is about supporting my community when I buy local and fresh. Food is love when I share it with the people I care about. Cooking or baking is something that can always put a smile on my face, no matter how strange my week has been. 

I recently travelled to Australia for a work term, and that’s what first sparked my interest in blogging. It became sort of an addiction, I just loved sharing my life with you guys, so I am hoping to keep it going! 

Altogether, we’ll talk a lot about food, but don’t be surprised if we also end up with some travel posts, or even a post on antibiotics at some point. That’s my life! I hope we can have some great discussions about things like this, and stir some smiles into your week by igniting your love affair with food and travel! 

Welcome to Pharm to Table 😀


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